NYC DOE fires Maspeth HS Principal for involvement in grade-fixing scandal

NYC DOE fires Maspeth HS Principal for involvement in grade-fixing scandal

Officials announced Thursday that the Department of Education had fired a Queens principal in light of his involvement in a Grade-fixing Scandal first reported by The Post in 2019.

After investigators found evidence of a number of academic misconduct allegations against Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir, the DOE stated that it would seek to expel Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir, Maspeth High School principal.

NYC DOE fires Maspeth HS Principal for involvement in grade-fixing scandal

In August 2019, a group of teachers revealed to The Post that they were pressured by administrators to pass failing students, and that staff members gave Regents exam answers during the test.

Robert Holden, Queens City Councilman, led the charge against Maspeth’s misconduct and pressured officials to investigate the school for many years.

NYC DOE fires Maspeth HS Principal for involvement in grade-fixing scandal

Holden stated, It’s great to see the principal removed. This is two years after I helped Maspeth High School whistleblowers stand against corruption and intimidation. It’s a good story. They came to me because there was no other place to go doe email 365. It took far too much time because neither the DOE nor the administration were in any hurry to investigate.

The whistleblowers reported that children who did little or no work were awarded credits and phantom classes.

The Queens Chronicle reported Abdul-Mutakabbir’s Thursday removal.

Following DOE’s investigation of Principal Abdul-Mutakabbir’s inacceptable behavior, DOE served him disciplinary charges and removed his payroll while we seek termination pursuant to state laws, stated Katie O’Hanlon, spokesperson for DOE.

Abdul-Mutakabbir was removed from his position without pay. The DOE will now commence proceedings to terminate him.

Maspeth HS is now led by Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir.

O’Hanlon stated that schools must be academically sound and is working fast to hire qualified leaders to Maspeth High School.

Students who were cynical called their guaranteed graduations Maspeth Minimum and the school’s 99 per cent graduation rate earned it the Blue Ribbon Award.

A staffer said to the Post that teachers are not permitted to fail students.

Sources said that staff members who refused to participate in the academic misconduct were subject to trumped-up disciplinary charges and other forms.

Teachers said that administrators allowed students who were not in good standing to attend class and still graduate.

Holden warned that academic fraud does not only affect Maspeth.

Grade fraud is a serious problem in the city’s schools. We need federal and state agencies to investigate. This includes the U.S. attorney, New York State, and U.S. Departments of Education, and the FBI. He said that our educators and students deserve better.

NYC Schools to get universal curriculum with a focus on diversity

Officials from New York City unveiled Thursday a plan for post-pandemic recovery that includes a mosaic curriculum to standardize English instruction in math and English across 1,600 schools.

Officials stated that the effort will be focused on diversifying educational materials in order to better reflect the nation’s largest school systems.

It’s meant for the whole system, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated at Thursday’s daily briefing. This will make it easier for educators to do their jobs better and help our children be represented more effectively.

According to a statement from the Department of Education, the campaign will inject unprecedented numbers of books into every classroom next school year, which reflect the diversity of experiences, languages, and histories that make up the city, said the Department of Education.

The overhaul will cost $202 millions and will be completed by 2023, long after de Blasio’s departure and that of the current chancellor.

Meisha Ross Porter, DOE Chancellor, stated Thursday that the material would reflect who our children really are. Students are more engaged when students see themselves in the lessons and materials.

De Blasio stated that a DOE-designed universal curriculum would simplify things by allowing teachers the freedom to concentrate on instruction and not creating educational frameworks.

He said, It’s going be free up a lot teacher time for work teachers do best working with their children.

Meisha Porter, NYC DOE chancellor, speaks at PS 6 in Brooklyn on July 6, 2021.
Stephen Yang

Michael Mulgrew, chief of the Teachers Union, voted in support of the plan along with Ross-Porter and de Blasio on Thursday.

He said that New York City is hands down the most diverse city in America. If not the entire world. Engaging students is key to education. We need a curriculum that is flexible and allows them to recognize and pursue their interests.

Mulgrew stated that the DOE would be responsible for selecting and disseminating classroom materials.

He said that teachers have been struggling for decades to find the right materials. What we are saying is that the school system has taken on the responsibility to bring together all the materials that can be used by all the children, populations, and cultures we teach.

The overall spending package, which will be distributed over many years, also includes funding for device purchase, lowering class sizes, literacy screenings, and remedial programs.

According to the DOE, the plan will provide funding for 500 literacy coaches as well as 140 new teachers in 72 elementary schools with high need.


$251 million is needed to boost special education offerings, including faster evaluations and establishment of weekend and after-school programs.

All juniors and seniors will receive college counseling, 48 new remote AP college prep classes, as well as financial and application assistance.


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