MooMoo io Sandbox - test out your tactics. Welcome to the sandbox server of In this version of the game, you have unlimited resources and can do any experiment that you want to. You can define a new strategy to outmatch the opponents on the real server. Have fun!
The same mechanics of the standard point and click game apply. Control a single character in this top-down world and try to build a base and survive. The great thing about this juegos io version is that there are no limitations on what you can do. Place as many items as you wish and explore to your heart’s content.
It is still possible to get killed, but most players try the sandbox mode to explore new techniques such as base building and traps. Use this sandbox version wisely and improve your skill. Practice using different weapons so that you can become a fierce combatant.
There is a plethora of different servers to choose from. Remember that some servers have already been populated - previous players have placed items down such as turrets and traps. It is therefore a wise idea to choose a server with a small number of players on. This should give you a higher chance of playing on an unpopulated server.
Once you have tested the sandbox version, you can then jump onto the full game and see if you have improved your skills of combat and survival.